theme and variations (2024)

for three players


gyarados' dream (2023)

for lever harp


free chess (2021)

for 1-4 players


8 variations (2020)

for 3-5 players


halli galli (2020)

for 3-5 players


toccata (2015)

for electric guitar quartet


album 14 (2014)

for ensemble


priele (2012)

for styrofoam quartet


murder is easy (2011)

for ensemble


sonata a tre (2011)

for violin, viola and guitar


fünf kleine stücke (2010)

for guitar duo

published by trekel verlag, hamburg


melusine (2009)

garage opera for a dancer and three musicians

group work garagenoper kollektiv


mrs vauxes air (2009)

for electric guitar


kleurritme 2 (2008)

for ensemble


ydby (2008)

for violin, viola and guitar


in my place (2007)

for ensemble


elf skizzen (2005)

for three little guitarists

published by trekel verlag, hamburg


here comes the sun (2005)

for two guitars, cello and sound sculpture


pages (2003)

for flute and guitar

published by trekel verlag, hamburg


concert (2003)

for guitar duo, trumpet, voice and musical boxes


mobieltje (2003)

chamber opera for four singers, clarinet, cello and percussion

libretto: onno pels

act IV (2002)

chamber opera for ten singers and tape


ahkkk !! (2002)

for brass and percussion


five pieces after sol lewitt (2001)

for flute, guitar, violin and cello


take my breath away (2001)

for two guitars and live electronics

with carsten neugebauer / music for a dance theater piece by marion dieterle

interlude (2000)

for alto flute and viola


kleurritme (2000)

for chamber orchestra


vier fragmente (1998/2000)

for chamber orchestra


string quartet no.1 (1999)


sonate (1999)

for viola


zwei stücke – nur für verrückte (1999)

for clarinet, violin and piano


vier fragmente (1998)

for guitar


präludium, fuge und allegro (1997)

for guitar


im frühling sechs lieder nach li-tai-po (1996)

for voice, guitar, violin and cello


sechs kleine stücke (1995)

for guitar


next to these written out works there have been hundreds of songs written for bands, smaller projects, films, plays and solo recordings.

toccata (2015) for electric guitar quartet, first page

8 variations (2020) for 3-5 players, 1 of 8 sheets to be mixed randomly for each individual player

pages (2003) for flute and guitar, page #2